Jewellery Care Tips

To make sure that your Chez Lola Jewelry stays shiny and looking new for as long as possible, we ask you to remember these few quick tips:

1.Store your jewelry in our jewelry box and keep the silica gel bag in there. If you need to store your jewelry over a longer period, we recommend you put the jewelry in the provided bag.

2.You should never  store your jewelry in the bathroom as the moisture can cause rapid oxidisation. If you live in a moist climate we strongly recommend you store the jewelry in a bag . Chez Lola jewellery pouch is a perfect place to avoid the humidity damaging your gold vermeil jewellery.

3.It is also recommended to remove jewelry before strenuous work or sports. You should also remove jewelry before jumping in the pool or ocean.

4.Please avoid your jewelry to contact with moisture and liquids.This includes water, hairspray, lotion, sunscreen, perfume and sanitizer.

About Organic Fresh water pearls and other Natural stones

We use natural stones unless otherwise is stated. Remove your jewelry whenever you do sports, hard labour etc as natural stones can chip if you knock them and a hard blow can crush even a diamond. Natural stones can vary in colour, as mother nature intended, so a stone can look different from the product picture.
Settings should be checked regularly, as prongs holding stones may become loose over time.

Remember pearls are sensitive to chemicals so only water to clean pearls.


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